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Book Review || Behind the Scenes: Avant-Garde Techniques of Contemporary Design

Hello Beautiful People, 
A while ago I've picked up this book on architecture and design from the library, and I finally finished reading it now. The topic interested me, and I thought I would find something useful for my major (I am taking Industrial Design).

The book started on a good note, talking about CAD, the software used and how they function. I find the later unnecessary, nevertheless, it is great to read about if you don't know how the software processes your inputs.
The book slowly progresses toward techniques architects have used to create their designs. it is interesting, but so much of what is tackled in the book I already knew about. Especially the second half. The book switches to discuss topics such as; interface design, interactivity and VR, which isn't why I have picked this book up for . Moreover, everything the book mentions about VR is generally known knowledge, but written obnoxiously. The writing style makes the book an extremely slow read, and I cons…

Book Review || Orca Rising by Chris Hannon

Hello Beautiful People, 
I have just finished reading Orca Rising by Chris Hannon , and here are my thoughts about it!

Ocra Rising revolves around Ocean, a 16 years old high school student who just finished his IGCSEs and decides to spend his summer vacation at a not so ordinary school. This is a fast paced, thrilling novel with an engaging mystery.
The characters in the novel are diverse, as they come from various spots in the world. The conversations can help you remember where each is from. For instance, Dante - who is from Spain - slips in Spanish in his dialog. The characters keep you entertained while reading the book, and I just wish that we've have gotten to know them better.
The plot contains clichés to the genre, but this doesn't necessarily makes it "bad". I enjoy reading spy book and there are certain clichés I like when present and done well. Some of the plot twists toward the end of the book took me by surprise, however, the ones at the beginning I saw th…

Book Review || Frida Kahlo: A Spiritual Biography by Jack Rummel

Hello Beautiful people, 
I first came to know about Frida Khalo, through my studies in University. I had to write an essay about Surrealism, and she was one of the artists that popped up during my research. When I read about Khalo online, I have become interested in her artworks and in her, the artist.

To know more about Frida Khalo, I decided to read this biography about her life, art and country. The biography also tries to show a spiritual side to Frida Khalo and her artworks, although she was an atheist.

The writing in this biography is fun to read through, and I simply found myself flying through it. I am always worried I might not end up finishing a nonfiction book, because of the writing style, however, in this one, all my worries were gone. The writer manages to hold my interest and make me enjoy reading the book.

Although it is a biography about Frida Khalo, it also covers the political situation of Mexico (and the world), and relates it to Khalo's beliefs and life. I pers…

Book Review || Design Handbook by Charlotte Fiell

Hello beautiful people, 

Recently I have just finished reading 'Design Handbook' by Charlotte Fiell and Peter Fiell, and here are my thoughts about it. 
I flipped through this book in the library, and it looked pretty interesting, so I picked it up. The Design Handbook is a beginner's guide to design, and it covers various concepts, materials and styles through time (mainly modern time).
The writing in this book is clear and easy to read through. Non-fiction books can be boring for me, and I didn't find this one boring (almost). Moreover, the topics in this book are quite interesting, however, multiple topics are repeated a lot through out the book, making it a little irritating. I don't want to re-read about the same topic.
I am personally not well-knowledged about design, design trends and materials, so this book is an eye-opening read for my case. Nevertheless, I was hoping to receive more from this book (which didn't happen), and toward the end of the book, I…

Book Review || The Last Thing She Ever Did by Gregg Olsen

Hello Beautiful people, 
I have just finished reading a thriller, and here are my thoughts.
"The Last Thing She Ever Did" is a mystery thriller that revolves around the disappearance of Charlie, a three years old child. Liz is our protagonist, and we are introduced to her when she is a young kid and then we continue with her in her adulthood.

The characters in this book are all horrible. None of them are good in the slightest. Even the "good guy" is extremely negative (salty 24/7). At some instances I do align with the characters' stances, but then they have to do, say or think something extreme. I didn't mind the morally wrong character, but I can't deny that they made me wanna smash my phone or wish they are just a tiny bit grounded. I wouldn't recommend you this book if you can't handle straight out appalling people. 
I like Detective Esther and Jake. I am all up for reading a book with this duo (they reminded me with the duo from Cold Case)

The Medium is the Massage || A review

I had to read this book for one of my classes, but decided not to do so, until today. I am very interested in the topics McLuhan delves into in his book, and I felt eager to finally read it.

'The medium is The Massage' delves into the concepts of the global village, globalization, mass media and how we perceive media. I appreciate how straight to the point the book is, and it delivers its ideas clearly. The concepts in this book are most applicable in the current century, as they perfectly align with how the internet has totally transformed our lives.

The book uses graphic elements to support the content, this created a more engaging and fun read. Moreover, each time a concept can be applied in text form, the book illustrates the effect of that topic. For example; when the effects of rhythm and font style, size and colour are discussed, in that paragraph certain words have different fonts and sizes; and some were underlined too.

In the very first pages, McLuhan explains how ne…

Book Review || An Artist of the Floating World by Kazuo Ishiguro

Hello beautiful people, 
I feel Happy.

I feel an immense amount of happiness.

'An Artist of the Floating World' is a beautiful novel about the aftermath of war, and the life of people before and after the war. This story revolves around Masuji Ono, a well-known painter, and his journey to come to terms with what he has done in his past.

The story takes the span of three years, however, Ono would always take us back to his past - Childhood, youth and adulthood. He paints us, the readers, an image of his life and we really get to see the world from his perspective and fully come to understand him and the decisions he has made.
"For indeed a man who aspires to rise above mediocre, to be something more than ordinary, surely deserves admiration, even if in the ends he fails and loses a fortune on account of his ambitions."

The story handles topics surrounding war, loyalty, regret, ambition and success with great care. Through out the book, we see Ono open up to how the you…